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There are three types of documentation available for OpenMx, an Official User's Guide, an Official Reference Manual, and the OpenSem Wiki. The two Official documents are maintained by the OpenMx development team. The Wiki is a community document that can be contributed to and edited by anyone registered on the OpenMx web site.

Official Documentation (Latest Release, v 2.19.x)

  • User Guide (html, pdf) -- The User Guide provides a tutorial introduction to using OpenMx. It is split into three parts:
    • A Quick-Start tutorial comprised of two introductory chapters that are to be read by everyone
    • A more advanced set of examples for those who think in terms of path model
    • A more advanced set of examples for those who write their models as matrix formulae.
  • Reference Manual (html, pdf) -- The Reference Manual comprises the help files that describe each of the OpenMx R functions. These help files are also available from the R command line by typing a question mark followed by the function name. For example, "?mxModel" will bring up the help page for the mxModel function.

OpenSEM Wiki

  • The OpenSEM Wiki comprises the community contributed documentation. It contains examples, functions, models, and all sorts of helpful material for learning and using OpenMx as well as SEM modeling in general.

Archival Release Documentation (See ABOVE for current release!)

1.x and 0.x Series

  • Release 1.2.0-1926
  • Release 1.0.0-1448
  • Release 0.3.3-1264
  • Release 0.2.9-1147
  • Release 0.2.4-1038
  • Release 0.2.3-1006
  • Release 0.2.2-951
  • Release 0.2.1-922
  • Release 0.2.0-905
  • Release 0.1-1