The OpenMx Statistical Modeling Package

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Documentation for package ‘OpenMx’ version 0.2.3-1006

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MxAlgebra MxAlgebra Class
mxAlgebra Function To Create MxAlgebra Object
mxAlgebraObjective Function to Create MxAlgebraObjective Object
MxBounds MxBounds Class
mxBounds Function To Create an mxBounds Object
MxConstraint MxConstraint Class
mxConstraint Function To Create an MxConstraint Object
MxData MxData Class
mxData Function To Create MxData Object
mxEval Function To Evaluate MxModel Values
mxFIMLObjective Function To Create MxFIMLObjective Object
MxMatrix MxMatrix Class
mxMatrix Function To Create MxMatrix Object
mxMLObjective Function To Create MxMLObjective Object
MxModel MxModel Class
mxModel Function To Create MxModel Object
mxOption Set or Clear an Optimizer Option
MxPath Function To Create List of Paths
mxPath Function To Create List of Paths
mxRAMObjective Function To Create MxRAMObjective Object
mxRObjective Function to Create MxRObjective Object
mxRun Send a Model to the Optimizer
mxTypes List Currently Available Model Types
mxVersion Returns Current Version String
Named-entities Named Entities
named-entities Named Entities
Named-entity Named Entities
named-entity Named Entities
omxCheckCloseEnough Approximate Equality Testing Function
omxCheckIdentical Exact Equality Testing Function
omxCheckSetEquals Set Equality Testing Function
omxCheckTrue Boolean Equality Testing Function
omxCheckWithinPercentError Approximate Percent Equality Testing Function
omxGraphviz Show RAM Model in Graphviz Format
OpenMx OpenMx: Package for Matrix Algebra Optimization