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Documentation for package ‘OpenMx’ version 1.0.0-1448

Help Pages

cvectorize Vectorize By Column
diag2vec Extract Diagonal of a Matrix
eigenval Eigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
eigenvec Eigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
ieigenval Eigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
ieigenvec Eigenvector/Eigenvalue Decomposition
MxAlgebra MxAlgebra Class
mxAlgebra Create MxAlgebra Object
mxAlgebraObjective Function to Create MxAlgebraObjective Object
MxBounds MxBounds Class
mxBounds Create MxBounds Object
MxCI MxCI Class
mxCI Create mxCI Object
mxCompare Assign Model Parameters
MxConstraint MxConstraint Class
mxConstraint Create MxConstraint Object
MxData MxData Class
mxData Create MxData Object
mxEval Evaluate Values in MxModel
mxFactor Fail-safe Factors
mxFIMLObjective Create MxFIMLObjective Object
MxMatrix MxMatrix Class
mxMatrix Create MxMatrix Object
mxMLObjective Create MxMLObjective Object
MxModel MxModel Class
mxModel Create MxModel Object
mxOption Set or Clear an Optimizer Option
MxPath Create List of Paths
mxPath Create List of Paths
mxRAMObjective Create MxRAMObjective Object
mxRename Rename MxModel or a Submodel
mxRestore Restore From Checkpoint File
mxRObjective Function to Create MxRObjective Object
mxRun Send a Model to the Optimizer
mxTypes List Currently Available Model Types
mxVersion Returns Current Version String
Named-entities Named Entities
named-entities Named Entities
Named-entity Named Entities
named-entity Named Entities
omxAllInt All Interval Multivariate Normal Integration
omxApply On-Demand Parallel Apply
omxAssignFirstParameters Assign First Available Values to Model Parameters
omxCheckCloseEnough Approximate Equality Testing Function
omxCheckEquals Equality Testing Function
omxCheckIdentical Exact Equality Testing Function
omxCheckSetEquals Set Equality Testing Function
omxCheckTrue Boolean Equality Testing Function
omxCheckWithinPercentError Approximate Percent Equality Testing Function
omxGetParameters Fetch Model Parameters
omxGraphviz Show RAM Model in Graphviz Format
omxLapply On-Demand Parallel Lapply
omxMnor Multivariate Normal Integration
omxSapply On-Demand Parallel Sapply
omxSetParameters Assign Model Parameters
OpenMx OpenMx: Package for Matrix Algebra Optimization
rvectorize Vectorize By Row
summary Model Summary
summary,MxModel-method Model Summary
vec2diag Create Diagonal Matrix From Vector
vech Half-vectorization
vechs Strict Half-vectorization