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Drop paths at zero using mxMatrix

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Drop paths at zero using mxMatrix
Binary Data ACE_bivariatetwin_bug.R5.28 KB

I have attached a bivariate ACE two group twin model script.

I don't seem to be getting the expected behavior when attempting to drop paths using mxMatrix

If i try and fix the cells of the 'e' matrix to zero, I get the error

 # ERROR in paste("The job for model", omxQuotes(flatModel@name), "exited abnormally with the error message:",  : 
 # cannot coerce type 'char' to vector of type 'character'
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As of revision 810, the error

As of revision 810, the error message generated by the model is: "The job for model 'twinAC' exited abnormally with the error message: Covariance matrix is not positive-definite". With regards to whether or not the AC model has been specified correctly, I don't know the answer to that question.