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Developers Meeting 7/8/11

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Developers Meeting 7/8/11

At developers meeting on 7/8 we discussed the following list of upcoming development changes for OpenMx 1.2. OpenMx 1.1. is currently being beta tested and has been feature frozen.

  • Changes to the back-end of the OpenMx to enforce consistency and make the addition of new model types more straight forward.
  • The inclusion of multi-level models. Currently we have an interface design that the group is pleased with but we are still soliciting some additional feedback.
  • The implementation of weighted least squares to offer performance improvements.
  • The capability to optimize gradient calculations to also offer performance improvements
  • Michael Spiegel has also made several front-end performance improvements that are currently available in the trunk of source code repository.
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how should people see the proposal and comment?

Hi There,
How should people see the proposal and comment on the multi-level interface?

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