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Compiling OpenMX on RedHat 6.2

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Compiling OpenMX on RedHat 6.2
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On an older cluster, I'm running into a compiler error with OpenMX 2.6.9. I compiled 100s of packages with the stock gcc-4.4.7, but OpenMx fails. I hit different error with gcc-4.9.2. And I wonder what you know about it.

4.4.7 does not get very far at all.

I fiddled around with the environment lots of ways, various GCC. This system says it has boost-devel-1.50 installed.

Attached error from GCC-4.9.2 points at boost and Rstan headers.

What do you think?

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gcc version

I'm not sure about gcc 4.9.2. It looks like there is some problem with boost, but it's not clear why.

I know it can be traumatic to upgrade your compiler, but CRAN is moving to require C++11. We recommend gcc version 5.4 or better.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I

Thanks for the suggestion.

I also have the same problems in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 with gcc 4.4.7. I installed a local version of gcc 6.2.0 roughly following . The only difference was that I ran ./contrib/download_prerequisites before running config. It helped to automatically download the required libraries.

Then I updated and installed all dependent packages of OpenMx. I installed OpenMx finally.