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problem changing path curvatures

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problem changing path curvatures
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I'm new to using Onyx, and really enjoying it. Right now, my only issue is a cosmetic one.

I am having a lot of trouble changing the paths that I am drawing between variables. Following the manual, I am going into the context menu and selecting "Show Control Points" in order to change this, but when I do so, the control points always appear fixed to the upper left hand corner of the individual model drawing window. It happens this way when working with my main model, as well as any new models I have tried creating; in either situation, the control points are impossible for me to select and drag out of the upper left corner, preventing me from altering the curvature of my paths.

The attached picture shows what I'm talking about. Also, I'm running the Windows version, under Windows 7. Am I missing something, or is this a known issue? Any other thoughts on how to proceed? Thanks!

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Thanks for reporting this

Thanks for reporting this problem. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Actually, Onyx allows you to change curvature of covariance paths only. With this, we follow the diagram convention that (co)variances are typically curved and regressions straight lines. In your example, you have a straight regression line that cannot be controlled by control points. In fact, Onyx should not show you the respective menu at all. We will remove the menu option for regression lines in the next version.


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Can't move paths

Hi, I am also struggling with not being able to cosmetically move paths and covariance paths. How are we supposed to properly use this software if it cannot allow us to create presentable models? This is very frustrating as I've spend a lot of time and now probably have to use a different program to simply move the arrows in ways that are easier to view??


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export in editable format?

Can the model diagrams be exported from Onyx in an editable format (like graphviz?)?

Then the best solution might to do the publication mods in Omnigraffle (which reads .dot)