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Chi-Square Confidence Interval

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Chi-Square Confidence Interval

Dear all,

I used the following line to obtain a confidence interval around the chi-square, but I received an error that this key is not found in the mxOptions.

model1a = mxOption(model1,"Chi-Square Confidence Intervals", "Yes")

Indeed, when I ask for "getOption('mxOptions')" the option does not seem to exist. Is this true? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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OpenMx doesn't provide a

OpenMx doesn't provide a confidence interval for the model fit statistic. You can see a full list of supported mxOptions in the ?mxOption help file.

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what is involved in computing CI around RMSEA?

I think mostly people need to report p-value or 95% CI around RMSEA for journals.

Might be nice to archive the formulae/model fitting changes necessary to compute these, at least for some basic cases, so someone with some time on their hands can have a go at implementing functions to do this.

Perhaps people adding these request to the wish list, and setting up something so user can vote for what they most often need would be helpful.
Best, t