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Updated Copyright

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Updated Copyright

I updated the copyright on the OpenMx website, and the source code. The source code update was done with a few lines of sed at the Unix terminal.

find . -name "*.h" -exec sed -i "s/Copyright 2007-2012 The OpenMx/Copyright 2007-2013 The OpenMx/g" '{}' \;

This finds files in the current directory (.) with the name ending in ".h" and executes sed inplace (-i) editing the copyright (replace "Copyright 2007-2012 The OpenMx" with "Copyright 2007-2013 The OpenMx"). Analogous commands where done in models/passing, demo/, man/, and src/.

"svn up" your source code copies!

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Also in Drupal

I updated the copyright at the bottom of the Drupal pages, too.

For future reference, the change is made through Drupal, via Site Configuration -> Site information, by changing the "Footer message" field on that page.

If we want to enable to PHP Filter module, we could make this auto-update using Drupal blocks, instead, but I haven't done that because I'm not sure what the consequences (for, e.g. security, stability, etc) might be. But the option is there.

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This is how the footer update is done now. It's in Admin > Structure > Blocks > Footer > Configure.