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Newbie Question

Hello, I ran across your website by searching for open source SEM tools. My name is Robert Wainscott and I am an active duty naval officer and PhD student. My institution requires the purchase of PASW Grad Pack (formerly known as SPSS) with Amos 18 included for the SEM piece. I have no idea what SEM is, but I am sure I will find out in the near future. I am comfotable with R as long as I am using Rkward or RCmdr. Me and scripts/CLI are a bit shaky. The questions I pose are: as a Linux/Open Source user:

Can OpenMX be used as a substitute for Amos?

If yes, is there a GUI front-end for OpenMX for newcomers?

Is there another open source alternative I should consider that would provide SEM support like that in Amos?

Thank you for supporting open source, poor grad students like me appreciate it. :o)

Bob Wainscott

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OpenMx can be used as a

OpenMx can be used as a substitute for Amos.

There is, at present, no GUI. It is in development, but we are still quite a ways from deployment of a beta version of the GUI.

No GUI support from an open source package as yet. There is another SEM package, the sem library on CRAN, but it doesn't have a GUI either.

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Joined: 04/02/2010 - 21:45
Thank you Steve, appreciate

Thank you Steve, appreciate the feedback. I will keep a look out for the GUI in beta.

Again, thanks for what you all do.


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