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I don't know about R yet. Where can I learn?

  • This might help, especially if you already know some other stats package. .
  • Also, this site gives google results for R: often handy.
  • This Style guide might help in reading and writing code.

How do install R?

OpenMx install, getting started

How do I load the newest version of OpenMx?

if you download a new version of the package, or compile a new from from the svn, you should quit R and restart to ensure you have the new version loaded

How do I get a copy of OpenMx to install on USB stick?

  1. Download the appropriate binary package.

  2. OS X
  3. Windows
  4. Save it in your USB drive

  5. Use the following command to install it, e.g.,
install.packages(pkgs="e:/", repos=NULL)

nb: In Windows, the disk drive is represented by either e:/ or e:\ in R.

Where are the example scripts and demo data files?

You can view the list of demo files with this command:


Then this will show you where they are on your system

system.file("demo", "BivariateSaturated_PathCov.R", package="OpenMx")

        [1] "/Users/~/Library/R/2.9/library/OpenMx/demo/BivariateSaturated_PathCov.R"

(you need to add ".R" to the displayed name that demo() reveals)

OpenMx library concepts

What is a named entity?

A named entity is the term used by the OpenMx library for any S4 object that includes the slot "name". Examples of S4 classes in the OpenMx library that create named entities include MxModel, MxMatrix, MxAlgebra, MxObjectiveFunction, and MxData. An equivalent answer to this question would be any S4 object 'foo' such that 'foo@name' will return a value.


I don't know about Structural equation modeling yet. Where can I learn?

OpenMx for Mx users

Is there a tutorial to help me transition?

OpenMx for mx 1.x usersView

OpenMx for MPlus users

Is there a tutorial to help me transition?

OpenMx for Mplus UsersView

OpenMx for Amos users

Is there a tutorial to help me transition?

OpenMx for Amos UsersView

OpenMx: help with scripting

My script isn't running

Have a look at our common errors list

How do I access help for the summary() function on a model object?

If model refers to a MxModel object, then use "?summary(model)" or the more generic "method ? summary('MxModel')". Documentation for the summary function was added in version 0.2.5.

Syntax writing

I use TextMate: is there a syntax bundle?

Yes, there is. You can install it using Getbundles

OpenMx and 64-bit Windows

Is there a binary version of OpenMx I can install on my 64-bit Windows machine?

Unfortunately, currently there is not a binary version of OpenMx that can be installed on a 64-bit windows machine. This is because we don't have a copy of 64-bit NPSOL library compiled for windows. We are working on getting this issue resolved and will provide a binary Windows 64-bit installation of OpenMx when possible.