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Pre-conference Short Course on Dynamical Systems

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Pre-conference Short Course on Dynamical Systems

Hi All,

Sy-Miin Chow, Michael Hunter, Charles Driver, and Peter Molenaar are teaching a 1-day short course on "Continuous- and Discrete-Time Dynamic Modeling in R" as part of the Psychometric Society conference on July 9th in New York City. The course will use - among other software - ctsem which interfaces to OpenMx. More details are on the Education page. Below is the workshop abstract.

The course will provide an overview and hands-on tutorial on options for performing dynamic modeling using multivariate longitudinal data, particularly those collected from ecological momentary assessment (e.g., observational coding; daily diary; intensive longitudinal data) and psychophysiological (e.g., functional MRI) studies. Topics to be covered include discrete-time state-space/difference equation models, differential equation models, and continuous-time structural equation models. We will discuss and show examples of several packages for fitting dynamic models using the freely available statistical software, R, including: dynamic modeling in R (dynr), continuous-time structural equation modeling (ctsem), and group Iterative multiple model estimation (GIMME). Students will be guided through using software programs to develop familiarity with different types of dynamic models, followed by model construction, estimation, interpretations, and diagnostics. Participants are expected to have completed at least a graduate course on regression techniques and are comfortable working with multivariate data. Users who have not had prior exposure to R will be provided with access to pre-workshop electronic tutorials compiled and delivered by the workshop instructors.