omxApply {OpenMx}R Documentation

On-Demand Parallel Apply


If the snowfall library is loaded, then this function calls sfApply. Otherwise it invokes apply.


omxApply(x, margin, fun, ...)


x a vector (atomic or list) or an expressions vector. Other objects (including classed objects) will be coerced by as.list.
margin a vector giving the subscripts which the function will be applied over.
fun the function to be applied to each element of x.
... optional arguments to fun.

See Also

omxLapply, omxSapply


x <- cbind(x1 = 3, x2 = c(4:1, 2:5))
dimnames(x)[[1]] <- letters[1:8]
omxApply(x, 2, mean, trim = .2)

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