omxSapply {OpenMx}R Documentation

On-Demand Parallel Sapply


If the snowfall library is loaded, then this function calls sfSapply. Otherwise it invokes sapply.


omxSapply(x, fun, ..., simplify = TRUE, USE.NAMES = TRUE)


x a vector (atomic or list) or an expressions vector. Other objects (including classed objects) will be coerced by as.list.
fun the function to be applied to each element of x.
... optional arguments to fun.
simplify logical; should the result be simplified to a vector or matrix if possible?
USE.NAMES logical; if TRUE and if x is a character, use x as names for the result unless it had names already.

See Also

omxApply, omxLapply


x <- list(a = 1:10, beta = exp(-3:3), logic = c(TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE))
# compute the list mean for each list element
omxSapply(x, quantile)

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