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MxBounds Class


MxBounds is an S4 class. New instances of this class can be created using the function mxBounds.


The MxBounds class has the following slots:

min - The lower bound
max - The upper bound
parameters - The vector of parameter names

The 'min' and 'max' slots hold scalar numeric values for the lower and upper bounds on the list of parameters, respectively.

Parameters may be any free parameter or parameters from an MxMatrix object. Parameters may be referenced either by name or by referring to their position in the 'spec' matrix of an MxMatrix object. To affect an estimation or optimization, an MxBounds object must be included in an MxModel object with all referenced MxAlgebra and MxMatrix objects.

Slots may be referenced with the @ symbol. See the documentation for Classes and the examples in the mxBounds document for more information.


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See Also

mxBounds for the function that creates MxBounds objects. MxMatrix and mxMatrix for free parameter specification. More information about the OpenMx package may be found here.

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