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Re-Randomize Twin Order

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Re-Randomize Twin Order

Is there a code to re-randomize twin order?


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Not afaik

I haven't got any myself, but presumably, it's pretty straightforward to put twin 1 variables in one vector, twin 2 variables in another, and then call runif(1) to choose whether to flip the order, possibly using a dummy vector, dummy<-twin1; twin1<-twin2; twin2<-dummy. Or simply write them to a new dataset c(twin1,twin2) or c(twin2,twin1).

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OSDZ twin pairs

One thing to add: you need to be careful if you have opposite-sex dizygotic twins in your dataset, because the script you're using might assume that, say, twin 1 is always the male and twin 2 is always the female.