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A general question about the latent change score model

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A general question about the latent change score model

Hi everyone,

I am working on a longitudinal project recently and our focus is to estimate a change. We are interested in fitting a quadratic latent change score model. Basically, we are using the code attached as the template, which is from Grimm et al., 2016, Chapter 18, Page 467-469. I was wondering if it is possible to estimate the mean and variance of each "dy" and "ly" (which are latent variables) in the model specification using some OpenMx functions directly? Thank you very much!

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Readable code please


If you could please paste in your code as a reply -- demarkated by  at the beginning and at the end -- I could help a bit more. When it is entered as a screenshot graphic, it cannot be used for testing wit'hout typing it back in again. I'd like to get a look at library(umx); plot(jb.hght.omx) to guide you further. Bottom line, probably yes, I just want to see how best to tweak your model.