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Error in tssem2

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Error in tssem2
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Hi Cheung,
I want to test a higher order CFA model by metaSEM, but i have only item correlations. In your book, a higher order model of Big Five model has been included. When i examined this example, i realised that i need the correlations between factors.
The number of studies has been inclueded in meta-analysis is 52. I made MASEM for each study to obtain correlations between factors (I'm not sure if this is the right approach-just to get the correlation between factors). So I obtained inter-factor correlations for each of the 52 studies. For testing higher order model, 52 correlation matrix that obtained from 2 factors has been analysed for one higher-order factor. But i have an error in fixed2 "Error in if (pchisq(chi.squared, df = df, ncp = 0) >= upper) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed" . Could it be because 2 factors loaded on 1 higher order factor?

I'll always be very very grateful for your suggestion.

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Hi vildan,

Hi vildan,

Can you fit a 2nd order CFA on the data?