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Scaled chi-square

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Scaled chi-square

Hi all,

Wondering if Satorra / Satorra-Bentler scaled chi-square is available in OpenMx or not? i.e., ML with robust corrections to the test statistics and standard errors in the case of non-normal data. Ideally, I'd like to see if the difference test for model comparisons is available. Only thing I found in the forums was this post from quite a while ago:

Many thanks!

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It's not built in to OpenMx,

It's not built in to OpenMx, though it sounds like it could potentially be a useful feature.

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I too think it could be useful in the armory of methods to deal with non-normality. A few riders though - non-normality often involves skewness so the utility of SE's (necessarily symmetric) becomes less (though likelihood-based CI's may still be useful). Second, careful inspection of how the data were obtained can often provide clues as to the source of non-normality, and in turn suggest alternative ways of dealing with it. A mixture of normal distributions, for example, may fit many observed distributions - and might provide insight into the generation of non-normality rather than sweeping it under the robust estimation rug. The drawback is it requires thinking :)