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The OpenMx maintainers will provide a stable release and a development release of the OpenMx library. The stable release contains a mature set of features that have been tested by the OpenMx developers and the larger OpenMx user community. The development release contains new features that are under active development. Each minor revision of the stable release series will consist of bugfixes and documentation clarifications. The development release will contain consist of performance improvements to existing features and new features under development.

Before a stable release or a development release is announced, the OpenMx development process contains a test suite of over one hundred scripts that must compute the expected results. In our experience, we occasionally find that a user will report a bug that was not captured by our test suite. When this happens, we correct the bug, issue a new binary release, and incorporate the new test into the test suite. The policy of limiting code changes in the stable release exclusively to bug fixes will minimize the probability of introducing a new error in the middle of a stable release.

The latest stable release can be downloaded using,

The latest development release can be downloaded using,

And the source code repository is available by following these directions.