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Koudzo Jacques KOTOKO
University of Lomé
Why are you interested in structural equation modeling?

I am interested in structural equation modeling because it offers a powerful approach to understanding the complex relationships between different variables in a system. This method allows for exploring cause-and-effect relationships and testing hypotheses about the underlying structure of the data. As a researcher, I appreciate the ability of structural equation modeling to integrate both observed and latent variables, allowing me to deepen my analyses and gain richer insights into the phenomena I study. Additionally, this approach enables me to assess the validity of my theoretical models and verify whether my empirical data align with my hypotheses. In essence, structural equation modeling represents an essential tool for me to explore and understand the complexity of systems across various research domains.

Why are you interested in OpenMx?
I'm interested in OpenMx because of its ability to handle complex structural equation models efficiently, its user-friendly interface, and its collaborative nature as an open-source platform.
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