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Acceptatble Mediation Model?

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Acceptatble Mediation Model?

Hello all,

I am doing multiple mediatiors analysis. I am wondering if we can set the diag.contraints = FALSE?

1) Anyone notices that "diag.contraints = TRUE" may lead to unfitted model?

2) What is the criteria of the acceptable MASEM model? Would it be stricter compared with SEM? Below are my resutls. Is it acceptatble (Chi-X2 ratio is very high)?

Chi-X2 (df = 5) = 115.55, p <.001, CFI = 0.94, NNFI = 0.81, RMSEA = 0.06, SRMR = 0.08.

Thank you so much for your attention and help!

Best regards,

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1) Models with diag

1) Models with diag.constraints=TRUE and FALSE should lead to the same model fit (you can easily verify this). It usually does not matter which one to use.

2) MASEM is a standard SEM. The only issue is that it uses WLS estimation. You may refer to Yuan and Chan (2005) on how the estimation method affects the model fit.

Yuan, K.-H., & Chan, W. (2005). On nonequivalence of several procedures of structural equation modeling. Psychometrika, 70(4), 791–798.