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rerun() pastes the steps in R Markdown

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rerun() pastes the steps in R Markdown

Dear Cheung,

Congratulate on the great work done in the field of SEM and METASEM. Your contributions are very useful for the scientific and educational community.

I am using the rerun() function in markdown, to avoid pasting the steps of this function in the document I try to include some parameters of other functions that use functions that rerun uses. For example, silent = False from mxRun (). Any idea how to solve it?

Thank you for your attention,

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I am sorry that I am not sure

I am sorry that I am not sure what you want to do. If you don't want to show the rerun() step in your markdown, you may try:

```{r, echo=FALSE, message=FALSE}
your.model <- rerun(your.model)

However, users may not be able to reproduce your results.

rerun() calls mxTryHard(). You may write your own function to include other arguments you like.