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MetaSEM OpenMx status1:6 issue

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MetaSEM OpenMx status1:6 issue

Hi Dr. Cheung and everyone,

I am currently working on a Meta-analysis utilizing Meta-analytic SEM technique (TSSEM) to explore the interrelationships between four observed variables, and there are 100 cases included in the data. However, when I was pooling the correlation matrix at stage 1 using fixed-effect model, I got an error message -- OpenMx status1:6. I tried to rerun but still got the same results. Since there is a lot of missing values, I impute the missing values using the averaged correlation coefficients across other studies based on your publication (Jak & Cheung, 2018). Could you please help me solve this problem? I am not very good at R so I have prepared my data in python as a pickle file, and then imported into R. I have attached my R scripts below and uploaded the files to google drive .
Thanks for your help!

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Hi Melody,

Hi Melody,

I have problems installing the python dependence in my machine.

Could you save your data with the R function dump()?