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metaSEM questions

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metaSEM questions
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I am learning how to use metaSEM, but I am running into some issues.
Right now I only have 3 studies available to run the analysis (code with data is in attachment).

I am running into the following issues and was wondering if these would be caused by having only 3 studies
or am I doing something wrong here?

-When I perform the fixed effects version step one, I am getting negative AIC and BIC
-For the first step of random effects I keep getting the message to rerun it
-When trying to do mediation during step 2 I get the message:
"Error in solving the Hessian matrix. Generalized inverse is used. The standard errors may not be trustworthy."
Also TLI is minus infinity and AIC and BIC are zero.

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Hi Gregory,

Hi Gregory,

There is nothing wrong with negative AIC and BIC. See
With only 3 studies, I don't think that you can apply a random-effects model.