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Obtain CIs on genetic correlations

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Obtain CIs on genetic correlations

I'm interested in obtaining the CIs of the genetic correlations using umx. Running umxCi prior to umxsummary does only provide the CIs for the different paths. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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You will need an mxAlgebra to calculate the genetic correlations. Possibly, if your model is set up as a cholesky, you could have an equation like

genCorAlg <- mxAlgebra(cov2cor(A%*%t(A)), name="geneticCorrelation")

where matrix A contains the paths in a lower triangular pattern. You would also add the mxCI() function call to ask for confidence intervals like this

genCorCI <- mxCI(geneticCorrelation)

then add the objects genCorCI and genCorAlg to the model and re-run.