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Complex latent models withing ACE?

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Complex latent models withing ACE?


I would like to use twin models to assess heritability of fMRI and DTI data. In a first stage I obtained the model that best fits the data for all sample and now I want to establish the degree to which such model is heritable. The problem is that I dont know how I could fit this model within an ACE model. Since my SEM model has latent variables, I believe that models such as common patway models are a good option. However, as I understand, common pathway models imply that all traits (x1...Xi) have loadings on all latent variables. My question is if it possible to fit complex SEM models within ACE models. For example, if my original SEM model has 10 traits and 3 factors but only 7 traits are loaded into 1 factor, the remaining 3 into the second factor and some of them into the third one? Also, what if there are regression paths between some of the 3 factors?

I am very new to twin data analysis and I would be therefore very greatfull if somebody could help me ponintng in the right direction.

Thank you.