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Some of the things OpenMx can do, with commented examples

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This is a page of example models. To learn about installing click here, for the OpenMx documentation and learning about path-based model and matrix syntax click here.

note: It is a new page for April 2019: If we go with this wiki as the basis for collecting all OpenMx Scripts, links will be added here.

Basic supported methods

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

SEM, Indirect Effects, and Mediation

Measurement models and Psychometrics

Multiple groups

Growth and change

Multilevel SEM

Latent classes

Modeling different types of Data correctly

  • Continuous variables
  • Ordinal variables
  • Joint ordinal & continuous variables Contingency tables
  • Gaussian Copulas
  • Polychoric/Polyserial correlations
Modeling predictors, effects, definition variables, weights, missingness correctly

  • Exogenous predictors
  • Definition variables
  • Fixed & random effects
  • Sample weights
  • Missing data
  • Missing at random
  • Non-ignorable missingness
  • Censoring
How do I simulate data, power...

Twin Models

  • umx includes many twin models including ACE, ACEv, simplex, sex-limitation, GxE, common pathway, independent pathway, etc.
  • Genetic Epidemiology: numerous examples from Hermine Maes
  • ACE / ADE
  • Univariate / Multivariate
  • Sex limitation
  • GxE interaction
  • Direction of causation
  • Two-stage Twin family models
  • Assortative mating models
  • Extended pedigree models
  • Niche selection
GREML and genomic SEM


  • Full Information Maximum Likelihood
  • Restricted Maximum Likelihood
  • Weighted least squares
  • Gradient-based quasi-Newton
  • Newton-Raphson
  • Direct Search - Nelder Mead
  • Stochastic global optimization
  • Expectation-Maximization (EM)
  • User defined fit functions
  • Custom compute plans
Parameter estimates and fit statistics

  • Goodness-of-fit
  • Getting chi-squared statistics with mxRefModels
  • Using mxSE to get standard errors of functions of free parameters
  • Using mxCI for profile likelihood confidence intervals
  • Using mxMI for model modification Bootstrapping
  • Robust Standard Errors
  • Factor Scores
  • Jack-knifing
  • Cross-validation
  • Modification indices with mxMI
  • Bootstrap Likelihood ratio tests
How do I add covariates, different intervals for growth...

  • Fixed ages for all participants
  • Variable ages or assessment intervals for all participants
  • Data harmonization
How to