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How to summarize umx results?

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How to summarize umx results?

Dear umx experts,

I am new to umx. May I ask how could I get the a2,c2,e2 and their CIs from the results of umxACEv, as I did with OpenMx? And how could I calculated the genetic correlation between two phenotypes with umx? I tried the demo data and found that the summary of the estimated model only reported a1,c1,e1,a2,c2,e2, and the c in umxACEv is negative. I also tried a univariate ACE model. The cl was blank. May I ask how could I use these information to summary the results which are generally reported? Any kind suggestions would be appreciated.

best wishes,


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CIs fixed for umxACEv

Hi Zhi,
Thanks for using umx.
umxACEv was new to Boulder and I see I didn't complete the summary function (it reports "big A" not "little a")
A version is on its way to CRAN now which fixes this, or you can install from github devtools::install_github("tbates/umx")

You need to request CIs. The easiest thing is m1 = umxCI(m1, run= "yes")

then plot and summary will show these for you.
Let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions for improvements.