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Error message on TSSEM1

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Error message on TSSEM1
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Dear Mike,
My name is B.I.Chung. I am writing a paper by MASEM analysis by using TSSEM procedure guided in your paper "Meta-analytic structural equation modeling". I sincerely appreciate all your explanation on the procedure of TSSEM in detail.
I prepared a correlation data for TSSEM from my previous meta-analysis and at the stage1 of Random-effects model, I am in trouble with below error message:

> stage1random <- tssem1(Cov=cordat, n=BI_MASEM_data_2$N, method="REM", RE.type="Diag")
Error in .Primitive("*")(dots[[1L]][[1L]], dots[[2L]][[1L]]) :
non-numeric argument to binary operator

I am a beginner of R program, so I don't know what the above error message means. Would you help me? I will appreciate it.

Best regards,


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Dear B.I.Chung,

Dear B.I.Chung,

This error is not related to the metaSEM package.

If you check the output of head(cordat), you will notice that cordat are character matrices. The tssem1() function expects numeric data. You may need to convert the characters to numerics before the analyses.


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