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2018 Boulder Workshop: March 5th to March 9th

The 2018 International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits will be held in Boulder, CO, USA, from March 5th to March 9th. The course is planned to include sessions on: causes of variation; introduction to R programming; introduction to umx; path analysis and variance components; likelihood; matrix algebra; univariate twin analysis; biometrical genetics; categorical data; between group heterogeneity; continuous heterogeneity and G x E interaction; multivariate phenotypic factor and genetic analysis; developmental models; extended twin designs; power analysis; GCTA; direction of causation and Mendelian randomization; and responsible conduct of research.

Hands-on analysis will be emphasized, using the networked notebook computers provided. We have traditionally used OpenMx, developed by Dr. Michael Neale & colleagues for the flexible analysis of genetically informative data, and R programming. A beginner’s guide to OpenMx is here. This year, we will be introducing a user-friendly wrapper for OpenMx, called umx, being developed by Tim Bates. This will be accompanied by a new book being written by Tim Bates, Hermine Maes, and Mike Neale, that will be available in draft `private circulation’ form to registrants prior to the workshop.

Further information and details of local arrangements, registration, and accommodation are available at the Workshop website.