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A question about latent variables in MASEM

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A question about latent variables in MASEM

Hi Mike

As mentioned before, I am trying to exam a structural model with three mediators by using the lavaan syntax. After review a couple of articles, I have a question which makes me feel confused. In MASEM, the variables included in correlation matrices should be observable variables and we could explore latent variables by using the lavaan syntax in the structural model. However, some authors reported latent variables correlation matrices in some articles. So, if there are correlation matrices of observable variables in some articles and correlation matrices of latent variables in other articles, how could I deal with this situation?

Many thanks,

Yu Xie

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Hi Yu Xie,

Hi Yu Xie,

I am not aware of any studies using correlation matrices of latent variables as inputs. The statistical theory of MASEM may not work for latent variables.

One ad-hoc approach is to treat observed vs. latent variables as a moderator. You may test whether these correlation matrices are different.