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IssuemxCompare(oneModelOnly) tbates29 years 4 months ago
IssueStandard Errors reported as NA for identified model when N=5000 but not N=500 nor N=50 neale39 years 4 months ago
IssueHessian wrong for R fit function mhunter39 years 4 months ago
Issuewarning 1: In `$.data.frame`(params, lbound) : Name partially matched in data frame tbates79 years 4 months ago
IssueOptimality tolerance AdminRobK39 years 5 months ago
Forum topicmatrix logarithm function for mxAlgebra CharlesD99 years 5 months ago
Forum topicBLAS/LAPACK routine 'OMXUNS' gave error code -8 Mike Cheung29 years 5 months ago
Forum topicNo standard error Mike Cheung109 years 5 months ago
IssuemxOption(m1, "Default optimizer", "NPSOL") not setting optimizer? tbates69 years 6 months ago
Forum topicObtain number of Objective function evaluations jkarch19 years 6 months ago
IssuemxCompare() take just a base model tbates89 years 6 months ago
Issuejitter starts if optimization can't get started tbates19 years 6 months ago
Issuegenepi library: move into OpenMx, or keep on googlecode? tbates59 years 6 months ago
IssueMultigroup Fit Function mhunter49 years 7 months ago
IssueAdd options to control numerical precision of sadmvn integration routine neale39 years 7 months ago
Forum topicallow mxOption to get as well as set tbates29 years 7 months ago
Forum topicSticky issue: Problems with tar brandmaier19 years 8 months ago
Issuepresence of mxCI breaks Standard Error reporting neale49 years 8 months ago
Forum topicUsing analyticaly derived gradient and hessian in OpenMX Anonymous (not verified)19 years 8 months ago
Forum topicOpenMx Code for Multilevel Modeling, as described in Mehta & Neale (2005) ctseubert210 years 1 month ago
Forum topicDepends and Imports with OpenMx fife710 years 2 months ago
Forum topicBackward compatibility issue with extracting or inserting certain results of optimization into mxModel objects neale210 years 6 months ago
Forum topicR crashes with mxCI bverhulst810 years 7 months ago
Forum topicFail to Install on R 3.0 on Windows 7 fnielsen710 years 7 months ago
Forum topicSource codes Joper210 years 8 months ago