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Forum topicHow to get estimates of latent random slopes and random intercept Victor Feagins24 weeks 17 hours ago
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Forum topic3-level longitudinal latent growth curve model cdmcdermott221111 year 3 months ago
Forum topicMaximum Likelihood for Cross-Lagged Panel Models with Fixed Effects - Allison et al. 2017 ppl51 year 4 months ago
NewsProblem with Satorra-Bentler Chi-Squared in WLS AdminHunter01 year 9 months ago
Forum topicEquivalent of qnorm() and pnorm() in mxAlgebra? suzannejak22 years 1 week ago
Forum topicProblems with variance estimation with missing continuous data: WLS seem to replace NA with 0 hansfredriksunde52 years 1 month ago
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Forum topicIdentification of CFA with continuous vs. ordinal variables pehkawn32 years 1 month ago
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Forum topicLongitudinal modeling with extended twin design Leo33 years 9 months ago
Forum topicCarrying out latent profile analysis (LPA) by adapting code examples for a two-factor model and growth mixture models joshuarosenberg224 years 3 weeks ago
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IssueDocumentation does not have clear breaks between sections neale25 years 1 month ago
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Forum topicViolation of equality of means in bivariate cholesky model YiTan57 years 3 months ago
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Forum topicError Meesage from mxGenerateData from Documentation Example Code rabil107 years 7 months ago