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Dear New User,

We're sorry to put you through this, but because OpenMx is so popular we've become a target for Spam. Please provide us with enough information to assure us you are real. "Enough information" likely involves a first name, last name, and affiliation. Likewise, if you have an email address with a .edu extension, use that for your initial account set-up. You can change it to whatever you'd like after your account has been verified. It helps us know you're real. Finally, fill out the field for "Why you're interested in SEM?" in your profile with a sentence or two. It doesn't take long and acts as further evidence that you're a legitimate user. Again, we offer our apologies for making you do this.

Dear Spammers,

Much as we enjoy Monty Python (spam spam spam), we do not enjoy having our website drowned out by your greedy chorus. Henceforth email address confirmation steps will be required. To our users, we apologize for this inconvenience.

OpenMx Development Team