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GUI option for OpenMX

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GUI option for OpenMX

I am just wondering if any one developing a GUI for OpenMX.

Atleast an option in future would be of great value.

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i have one developed, but this is my first attempt at programming in R and am having trouble creating an R package for it. (the GUI works when i read it in as source, but does not work when it is placed in an R package). hope to get matters sorted out this summer when i have more time.

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Apologies for the late

Apologies for the late response.

In addition to Greg's work and comment, an OpenMx GUI has been in development for some time, and is a long term goal of the project. The GUI development project is currently on hold, as communication with R has proven more difficult than originally anticipated. We plan to release a GUI at some point in the future, but want to make sure that whatever we release is complete and fully integrated with R.

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