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Error in readRDS ()

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Error in readRDS ()

I'm a beginner user of OpenMx.
I need help for the following error. It appear after any script, such as univariate regression, regression by path analysis by means of covariance or raw data calls, etc.
I've played with several forms, and check package loadings, including fields, psych, OpenMx, and general packages for R.
Please, if you can give me any tip, I'll be happy.


Mariano Ordano

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We'll need some more

We'll need some more information to be able to help you out, I think.

Please copy and paste the entire text of the error message into a forum comment, and attach a simple (the simpler the better) script that causes the error, if you can.

For this one, please also run traceback() after you get the error, and copy and paste the results of that as well.

And let us know what platform (Windows? Mac? Linux?), what version of R, and what version of OpenMx (run mxVersion()) you're currently using.

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A.) Listen to Tim.

A.) Listen to Tim. mxVersion() and R.Version() will print out information about your install that can help us diagnose your problems.

B.) Google has revealed other instances of this error in R ( It looks like a corrupted file somewhere in the R build, which may or may not have to do with OpenMx. OpenMx is supported for R 2.10.0-2.12.0 as I recall; if you're using R 2.9.x or earlier, this may lead to some problems. Furthermore, readRDS() is being depricated in R 2.13.0 and R 2.14.0; if you're building R from source from one of these versions, this may lead to this problem. Upgrading/downgrading R to a version in the 2.10.0-2.12.0 range may solve your problem.

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The OpenMx binary will work

The OpenMx binary will work in R 2.13.0. The binary release may work in R beta 2.14.0 or it may not.

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reply error readRDS()

Thank you everybody for comments about my problem.
i'm sorry. I suspect that I've made some bad specifications.
But also I found an apparent structural problem in my computer linked to Window's system. A damage in my hard disk... So, it is possible to lose some connections to the corresponding files.
Thank you, Mariano.

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