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Lower exists now

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Lower exists now

Says "PS a lower triangular matrix doesn’t exist yet so we specify it explicitly"

scripts using the newer types amongst ‘Diag’, ‘Full’, ‘Iden’, ‘Lower’, ‘Sdiag’, ‘Stand’, ‘Symm’, ‘Unit’, or ‘Zero’ should change

Also "True" is not a defined variable in R. TRUE is.

so the snippet fails to execute

> mxMatrix(
+ type="Full",
+ nrow=1,
+ ncol=2,
+ free=True,
+ values=c(0,0),
+ dimnames=list(NULL, selVars),
+ name="expMean"
+ )
Error in matrixCheckErrors(type, values, free, labels, lbound, ubound, :
object 'True' not found

Also "selVars" is never defined on the whole page, as far as I can see?