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Developers Meeting 1/14/2011

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Developers Meeting 1/14/2011

Here are the minutes for today's developers meeting.

  1. Add three test conditions for summary output. See forum discussion.

    • calculated hessian is non-positive-definite
    • calculated hessian values are zero
    • calculated hessian values are very far from zero
  2. Rename omx*** functions to imx**** functions. See forum discussion.
  3. Add NPSOL optimality tolerance to OpenMx mxOption() interface. See forum discussion.
  4. Add all NPSOL options to OpenMx mxOption() interface.

There was also a productive discussion of how to create multilevel cross-classified model specification. We have a homework for the next developers meeting to take an example model and come up with suggestions for how the script would look like in OpenMx. Next Friday we'll post the results of the homework exercise.

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under 1: i think that you

under 1: i think that you mean:
"calculate GRADIENT values are 0", not hessian
"calculate GRADIENT values are far from 0", not hessian

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