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precision of integration

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precision of integration

Is it possible to change the precision of the numerical integration for binary FIML? I don't get the same likelihood in classic versus OpenMx.

Thanks, Hermine.

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To the extent that we're

To the extent that we're open-source, anything is customizable if you want it to be, but I haven't the slightest idea. There's nothing in ?mxOption, and the NPSOL manual isn't much help. Consider this a "bump."

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Options available in OpenMx 2.0

To anyone reading this thread, a full set of options to control integration precision are now available. See thread

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As of build 1515, it is not

As of build 1515, it is not possible to specify precision on numerical integration. This is marked as a TODO, but hasn't been implemented quite yet.

You should still get results very close to what you got in classic--I believe we're using almost, if not precisely, identical settings.

Would you want this to be a global mxOption? An argument to mxFIMLObjective? Both?

Thanks for the feedback!