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Treatment of code 6

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Treatment of code 6


I got several code 6 when running simulations. Some of those cases have a near singular estimated hessian, though the calculated hessian is fine. Is this the source of non-convergence? Would it work to re- run the data with the parameter estimates as initial values? Is it possible to have the optimizer use the calculated hessian all the time?


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Yes, code 6 is more likely to

Yes, code 6 is more likely to occur if the estimated Hessian is inaccurate, especially if it is nearly singular.

Indeed it is a good idea to rerun such models from their solutions, which is extremely easy to do in OpenMx.

fittedModel <- mxRun(originalModel)
refittedModel <- mxRun(fittedModel)

This procedure may be repeated if refittedModel fits better than originalModel. If it doesn't then a third run is unlikely to help.

Also, it is a good idea to try other starting values in the originalModel

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sounds like good information

sounds like good information (in the "what to do now" section ) to add to the code 6 error message

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