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OpenMx 1.1 new features

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OpenMx 1.1 new features

With the release of the OpenMx 1.0 series, we have switched to a dual branch development workflow. Any code modifications to the current release cycle (currently 1.0) will consist sole of bug fixes and minor cleanup. New features will be added to the development branch of code. The development branch of code will eventually become the next release cycle (which will be 1.1). As the development branch moves forward, we will periodically issue a binary release of this branch. This release will be in addition to, not in lieu of, stable releases. Development branches will have the OpenMx version number "999.0.0-NNNN", with an incrementing value for NNNN.

In this forum topic we will be posting the new features implemented in the development branch that will eventually become the OpenMx 1.1.x series.