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List of Publications using OpenMx

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List of Publications using OpenMx

Dear All,

thanks for all the time and effort put into this project! Just starting and I am already thrilled.

I would like to suggest to start a list of published works that used OpenMx. This might help to establish more confidence in the package over time.


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Thanks, Gerrit. This is a

Thanks, Gerrit.

This is a great idea. The dev team discussed this briefly, but didn't come up with a great mechanism for it. What would everyone like to see in a list like this? Ideally, we would end up with something easily searchable, that included both links to articles and code, and that users could submit to with limited hassle. A lot of it depends on what Drupal (the content management system for this website) can handle, and who can make the time to set everything up.

I only know of the two I've been involved in, though I don't doubt more are on the way. We have an in press Psychometrika article that announces the program:

Boker, S., Neale, M., Maes, H., Wilde, M., Spiegel, M., Brick, T., Spies, J., Estabrook, R., Kenny, S., Bates, T., Mehta, P., Fox, J. (accepted). OpenMx: An Open Source Extended Structural Equation Modeling Framework. Psychometrika.

and an in press MBR article:

Grimm. K. J., Ram, N., & Estabrook, R. (accepted). Nonlinear Structured Growth Mixture Models in Mplus and OpenMx. Multivariate Behavioral Research.

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I agree that this is an

I agree that this is an excellent idea. There are two ideas that come to mind. Perhaps others might comment on their feasibility

We set up a wiki page so that people can post their publications.

We could set up a forum for OpenMx publications so that whenever anyone ran across a publication (either their own or other authors') they could post it to the forum. Then someone from the team could periodically aggregate and format the list into a more formal web page with all of the publications listed.

In either case, it might also be nice to have LaTeX and Endnote files that are regularly updated so that it is easy for the community to cite the work of others who are using OpenMx.

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made the wiki page as a

made the wiki page as a start...

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Thanks, Tim. I think this is

Thanks, Tim.

I think this is a good start, but I'd still like to see a long-term solution that was more like a database and less like a forum/wiki page. I don't mean to sound ungrateful; Tim was absolutely right to get something going. However, as we get people to eventually attach code and/or data, the wiki page will likely become an untenable solution. The forums are an upgrade, but the lack of inherent structure to wiki posts makes search a pain.

Can we institute something more like the issues system, where there are a large number of fields that more closely mirror the common citation slots (i.e., title, author, journal, !!KEYWORD!!, pubmed link, etc)? Doing this would not only make things more easily searchable, but make building an OpenMx bib file easier, and users would in theory have an easier time filling out a form that editing a wiki page. This will be especially true as we grow to 100s or 1000s of pubs. It really all depends on Drupal's limits and how much time Jeff or whoever else is Drupal-savvy has to implement it.

Sorry to drone on. I just think that the point of this is beyond demonstrating the validity of the program through user volume, but rather that users can use our site to find several papers that really show them how to do what they want to do, cite them, then add their paper and code to the ever-expanding database of OpenMx-based research.

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I agree with you completely

I agree with you completely Ryne, re database.

Major barrier is that publications are an incredibly hard format to represent properly.
One thing we could do is have a page where people simply paste the doi for their paper into a long list, and we write a script to format this as a bibliography

Wikipedia has solutions a bit like this, which would be another way forward...

PS: Personally my priority would be having dot rendered in the website... drone drone :-)

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