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Combining dynamic random effects with latent structures

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Combining dynamic random effects with latent structures

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a cross-lagged mixed effects model of the following form:


Here, the "i" refer to random subjects and therefore we have subject-specific dynamic effects.
This model can be fitted with linear mixed modeling software, but this is only possible when Y and Z are measured.
In practice however, Y and Z may be latent constructs, measured by several indicators. (in my example, Y and Z are depression and self-esteem, each measured by several strongly correlated indicators.)

As far as I know, currently no methods exist to combine the dynamic random effects and the latent constructs (at least not in an easy way / within the frequentist framework).

Therefore, my question is: does any of you have an idea if this is possible in any way and, if yes, how it could be implemented.
The easier problem can be rephrased as: how can Y_i = b_i * X_i with X and Y latent and b_i subject specific be modeled.

At the workshop of prof. Boker at the IMPS conference, this question was also raised (in a less clear way I must admit) and subject-specific moderators were mentioned as a possible way to do this.


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Hi Bart, Yes, this is

Hi Bart,

Yes, this is possible in OpenMx. I believe that Tim Brick is working on an article about this right now. I suspect that until the article is reviewed he may not wish to share his script. But perhaps he will chime in and let us know how he is progressing.

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random effects in sem models

Dear Bart and Steve,
I have the same question. And since this post is rather old, I wonder if there was any progress? So far I constructed only models in SEM- but they never revealed results that fitted to earlier lme models. So I think it could be really improved by using a random term. If there is so, please let me know how to apply it!
Thanks a lot!