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Error Message

I am running a trivariate model using a script from the workshop this year (thanks for that!) but keep getting the same error message. It comes when I try to run the Fit Multivariate ACE Model using Cholesky Decomposition portion of the script. The error message is as follows:

multACEFit <- mxRun(multACEModel)
Running multACE
Error in gzfile(file, mode) : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In gzfile(file, mode) :
cannot open compressed file 'C:\Users\Alexia\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpTsjbQC/libloc_C%3a%5cUsers%5cAlexia%5cDocuments%2fR%2fwin-library%2f2.10Version,Priority,Bundle,Contains,Depends,Imports,LinkingTo,Suggests,Enhances,OS_type,License,Built.rds', probable reason 'No such file or directory'
> multACESumm <- summary(multACEFit)
> multACESumm
model does not satisfy the first-order optimality conditions to the required accuracy, and no improved point for the merit function could be found during the final linesearch (Mx status RED)

What does this mean and is it fixable? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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You can use the R function

You can use the R function traceback() to prints the call stack of the last uncaught error, i.e., the sequence of calls that lead to the error. I found some information on Mx status RED from the wiki:

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