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Developers Meeting 3/5/10 (Twin Workshop)

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Developers Meeting 3/5/10 (Twin Workshop)

A short developers meeting was held today at the Twin Workshop. Our regular weekly meetings will resume next Friday at the usual time (1:00 PM EST). Here are the notes from today's meeting.

  • Incorporate some/all of the helper functions from the twins workshop into the OpenMx package. R help is needed for these functions.
  • The summary function is very slow on large models. Hermine + Steve will send Mike S. their scripts for debugging.
  • Add a timestamp to the summary statement, showing when the model was executed.
  • Create an overnight test suite for longer tests. tbrick volunteered to setup nightly runs of these tests on one of the UVA machines.
  • Add a count of constraints to the summary function.
  • tbrick's proposed changes to the ordinal threshold specification has been approved.
  • the thresholds specification will accept exactly one MxMatrix or MxAlgebra object. There will be some form of helper function for those who don't want to specify the thresholds matrix.
  • OpenMx names and labels will be forbidden from containing characters that are used in R as operators.