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Need Help about Bivariate ACE model script

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Need Help about Bivariate ACE model script

Hello, everyone.

I'm new to behavioral genetics. I've learn some knowledge about this area by myself and finish the univariate genetic analysis about twin data. But it's a little difficult for me to find updated bivariate model script. The newest one I found is written on 2012, some lines cannot be read neither by R or me.

I wish someone can throw a web which contain updated bivariate genetic model script.

(I have read the script here: but the result I get by this script didn't have AIC; I wonder if there is any correct new script, I need your help! )

Thank you sincerely,

OpenMx version 3.2.4
R version 3.2.3

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Maybe look around in here,

Maybe look around in here, , and particularly in the 'maes' and 'bartels' directories.