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Please read before posting: Help us help you!

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Please read before posting: Help us help you!

If you are posting to ask for help with an error message, we ask that your post include, at minimum, the following:

  1. The actual text of the error message.
  2. The version of OpenMx you're running (enter mxVersion() at the R prompt).
  3. The version of R you're running.
  4. Your operating system and architecture (e.g., "x86_64 Linux").
  5. OpenMx's default optimizer (which will always be NPSOL for OpenMx versions 1.4 or older).

Note that if you're using OpenMx version 2 or newer, you can see items #2 thru #5 above with mxVersion().

Additionally, please understand that it is very difficult for anyone to help you out if you don't provide the R syntax that produced the error message. So, please consider attaching your script to your post. If you don't want to share your script, consider preparing a minimal script that produces the same error message in a similar way.

Finally, it would be ideal if you could share the dataset you're using with your script, but of course that is not always possible.