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Issues with second beta release of OpenMx v2.0

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Issues with second beta release of OpenMx v2.0

The following issues are mentioned in the second beta's announcement:

  • IMPORTANT: Windows users should NOT try to run OpenMx with multiple threads. Doing so could crash R. Users encountering unexplained crashes under Windows may wish to set the option mxOption(NULL,"Number of Threads",1).
  • The log of changes in the beta version's User Guide is not current.
  • Users should get into the habit of ALWAYS using the $ accessor instead of the @ accessor. For example, myModelRun@output$estimate would now be myModelRun$output$estimate. We CANNOT guarantee that every usage of the @ accessor that worked with versions 1.3/1.4 will continue to work in 2.0.
  • As of this beta, CSOLNP still had a known issue pertaining to matrix conformability. This will be repaired for the next release.

Users have also reported the following: