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Scipt Exchange between Windows and OS X

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Scipt Exchange between Windows and OS X

Before i look deeper in OpenMx i want to now if anybody had some experience with exchange scripts between different systems like windows and Mac OS X? Are there any problemes if you do that on a regulary basis?

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what do you mean "exchange

what do you mean "exchange scripts"?

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Not sure if this was your

Not sure if this was your question, but you can send an OpenMx script back and forth between Windows machines and OS X machines, edit it on both, and run it on both without issue.

Some of the demos and test scripts we use were written on macs and others on windows. Most of them have been edited on both. We run all of them on both platforms, and the answers come up the same to within tolerance.

You have to be careful to make sure you can get to your data files if you have any, but other than that, scripts should run the same on any platform.

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Yes, there is no platform

Yes, there is no platform dependency for the OpenMx library. In the past, I've run into some issues when I tried to be fancy and encode my labels in non-ASCII format. The default locale on OS X is UTF-8, and the default locale on Windows is latin1 (I think). If you really have to use non-ASCII characters, then read this: The last paragraph explains a portable way of writing Unicode characters in R 2.10.0 and later versions.